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Utku Blue Patterned Boy's Swim Shorts

$ 13.62 $ 49.99

Blue boy's swim shorts that will provide freedom of movement for your children with its comfortable cut and comfortable fabric structure.

Product Information:

Product; It is made of sports lycra fabric with flexible fibers and offering freedom of movement. It provides longitudinal and transverse flexibility, comfort and long-lasting use in the fabric.

It has a fast drying and water repellent feature with the finish in its fabric structure. Its soft and flexible texture gives a feeling of lightness.

Children's pool shorts are elastic at the waist of the shorts. Thanks to the elastic waist, your children will not fall from their waist while playing, and they will fit perfectly on their bodies. It is slip mesh lined and has an anti-slip cord.

You can choose blue men's shorts both in the sea and in the pool.

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